Need Protection Against Fire?

Most people rarely give a fleeting thought to the issue until faced with a serious threat to life and/or property. Fire can damage any material - wood, brick, steel - but proper application of Flame Stop® fire retardants and firestops can slow the spread of the fire or even cause the flames to self-extinguish, buying occupants valuable time for escape and giving the fire department time to arrive — saving lives and property.

Flame Stop® I is a universal fire retardant that works on most interior porous cellulotic materials. It's formula allows it to penetrate and actually become part of the wood structure, providing maximum wear and durability.

This product can be applied on any absorptive interior wood surface by either dipping or spraying the material to be treated with low-pressure equipment. The ingredients included in the formulation allow as much as 3/8" penetration into a Douglas fir stud.

Not only does this product work on wood surfaces, but can be used as an effective flame retardant on framing, fabrics, wallpaper, and other cellulotic products.

Uses of our Products

Fire Retardant Uses and Applications

Flame Stop® manufactures fire retardants for interior woods, exterior woods, closed-cell foams, open-cell foams, and most types of fabrics. Most coatings can and will eventually deteriorate, but our products are primarily penetrants that actually become part of the substrate, bonding to its molecular structure. Our products have been used in amusement parks, apartments, assisted-living facilities, churches, haunted houses, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, schools, theaters, cruise ships, plus commercial and residential construction — our products save lives & property, and can be used virtually anywhere!


Application and Certification

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